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Valentine Prediction Fun Run February 6, 2010

On a windy and cool Saturday afternoon, runner's and walkers traversed the Granada Bridge, not once but twice, to navigate their way to the  2.6 distance of the Valentine Prediction Fun Run.  Most dressed in red for the occasion, many bundled in jackets and scarves.
Runner's predicted the time it would take to cover this distance.  They were timed and their finish times compared to their predicted time.  Many were very close, others a long way off but the one that was the closest was Gerry Fahey.  He predicted he would cover the distance in 26:26, his actual time was 26:06.  Pretty darn close.  Eddie Roseboom was 2nd. with a predicted time of 30:00 minutes, actual time, 29:34.  26 seconds off.  Others were anywhere from 1:15 off to 15:00 minutes.  The first team was the mother/daughter team of Jennifer & Nikki Schdivy with a predicted time of 48:16.  Their combined time was 49:07.  Gerry Fahey received a $50.00 gift card to Bonefish Grill for his efforts.  Jennifer & Nikki received two $25.00 gift cards.  Pretty good rewards.
The kids had a good time, each receiving a medal for their efforts.  Others won gifts in the drawings which included Fuel Belts, shirts, hand books and trinkets.  Everyone went home with something.
Zanny awards were presented in several categories:  The cutest couple (Jennifer & Dan Schidivy), Best Behinds to run Behind (Jimmy & Michele Wyatt), Always Looking for a Race (Gerry Fahey), Fastest Feet (Sue O'Malley), I'll Drink No Beer (Carole Thomas) and the 'Milk' award (Willie Lager)
Kent Smith showed off his talent as the chef.  Everyone gobbled down the hot dogs and beans provided by McK's, indulged in chips, cookies and soda.
The best part of the afternoon was the 'Shoes for Haiti' donations.  Runner's were generous in bringing their shoes for Haiti'.  Bags and bags of all kinds of shoes were collected and turned over to Ruth Kent who left for Haiti Feb. 25th. with shoes to be distributed to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake,  It was especially nice to see the response and happy the Beachcombers could do their small part.
A beautiful park for a fun run.  Next year we will order milder weather.

Donna greeting runners Darrel giving instructions

Jerry & Darrel

And then you go that way

O.K.  Let's get going I think I know whlch way to go

Let's go

Lining up

Up and over the Granada Bridge
Getting help in tabulating results Autumn & Glen over from Debary
Howard & Mary Again
Katrina & Randlyn Jenylyn
Kayle, Rodney & Demi Kelly Family keeping warm in the sun
Ken & Eddie with beautiful backdrop Fixing hot dogs
Kent the cook The Schedivy Family
Sue with 'fastest feet' award & Carole 'I'll drink no beer before it's time' Tino
Tony & Jerry Willie, Deborah & George
Wyatt Family hiding from the wind. Toni, Morya & Jaret show off their medals

Jimmy & Michele 'Cutest behind to run behind'

Toni & Morya

Nikki & Jennifer First Team & Jennifer & Dan 'Cutest Couple'

Gerry Looking for a place to race' award

Shoes for Haiti

More shoes for Haiti