Cubs Night 2012  



































































Fun Run City Island January 15, 2012

Group Photo

Let's Have some Coffee

Beachcomber friends

Chris & Megan

The Courten Family

Love Birds or Cold?  Curt & Irene (I opt for love birds)

Erin led the pack!

Gary & Jerry

Then you go that way!

Catching Up On the news

Ready to go!

Deciding what to run!

Kathleen & Gary

Chris & Megan (listening & not playing)

Mary & Sheila

Nancy & Phyliss


Rachael & Gail
Rachael & Megan Dancing!

We would like to nominate.........

Buds Rachael & Megan

Getting ready for the morning
Sheila & Michele
Now that's a bright sun
Our new Prez Rick Campos
VP Sue O'Malley
Secretary Megan Sallaint

Treasurer Karen Ellis