Cubs Night 2012  

Christmas Party 2016

Peninsula Club



Jerry & Stu - Gator & Seminole

Jerry & Stu - Gator & Seminole

Rodney & Justin

Hugh & Joel

Demi, Frank, Sheila

Tammy & Mike

Omar - Looks good!

The Food Line

Mike Cain, Kristi & Paul Rice


Donna, Helen & Maureen

Jim & Mike

Teens Table

Jerry & Susan

Jerry & Susan

Susan & Glen

Silly Looking Group

Silly Looking Group Again


Silly Looking Group Again

And the Winner is?

Glen likes his new hat!

Robert, Ken, Sheila, Angelika, Sheila

Mary & Frank

How low can you go?

Shaoshana going low!

Karen looking for a chair!

Sheila says Please, please let me get a chair

Jerry & Donna 'Old time Rock N Roll'

Sardesons, Krodels, Newnam Group

Omar & Jerry sharing good times!