Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

BMR or Basal MetabolicRate is the energy requirement to maintain life. It is measured at rest, but not asleep in a thermo-neutral environment in the post-absorptive state. It can be measured directly or indirectly, or it can be estimated as we are doing here. We are using the equations of Harris & Benedict (1919) to estimate BMR.

To estimate your BMR, input:
Physical Charaacteristics

     Age in years:
 Weight in pounds:
 Height in inches:
 = kcal/day for Men 
 = kcal/day for Women

BMR can also be estimated as 70 W0.75 = kcal/day, where W is body weight in kilograms.

Obviously, there is more to life than just resting in that temperature-neutral environment. You must also have energy from your diet to support your activities above basal. Once you have calculated the BMR above, you can enter the minutes you spend in your various other activities each day. We have divided these into five levels from very light to very heavy. We have included a few examples of each category to allow you to gauge where a given activity might fit. The result is only an estimate, but should give you an idea of your daily caloric needs.


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