Running Locations & Distances in the

Daytona/Ormond Area

As with any run on city streets, you should use due caution for these suggested routes do have traffic. It is also recommended that you have a running partner to enhance your safety. These are not courses sanctioned by The Daytona Beachcombers Running Club. They are simply areas where some of our runners do their training runs.

If you would like additional information on places to run in and around Daytona, either email or call. We would be happy to give further information.

  • The Seabreeze to Granada bridge loop is about 10.3 miles: Start and finish at the same point. Run south along Beach St. to Riverside Dr. in Holly Hill, and proceed on to the Seabreeze Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn north on Halifax Dr. which turns into Riverside Dr. in Ormond. Continue on to Granada Bridge and cross back to start. There are water fountains and restrooms at the Granada boat launch under the bridge. This can be turned into an 11 mile run by going to the Seabreeze beach approach and running to the Granada beach approach, and continue back to the start.

  • Beach Course: From the approach at Granada heading south to Seabreeze Blvd. is about 5 miles. Water at nearly every approach to the beach, as well as restrooms along the way. If this is extended to the approach at International Blvd ( old name of street is Broadway ) it adds about 1 more mile for a total of 6 miles.

  • For a really nice scenic route, you can go up to Tomoka State Park, and run along the Old Dixie Highway. Along the road you will find mile markers painted. However, extreme caution should be used as there is traffic on this road and it is very isolated in many areas. You will sometimes be able to see some of Florida's wildlife, and what Florida looked like years ago.

  • The Seabreeze to Memorial Bridge ( Orange Street Bridge ) loop is about 5.3 miles. Starting at Seabreeze Bridge proceed south to Memorial Bridge on Peninsula or Halifax. Cross to Beach St. and back across Seabreeze Bridge. Once you cross to the mainland side there is a sidewalk along the river for a good portion of this course.

  • Paint The Towne 5k course: Starting on Beach Street in front of the Fire Station,  run south on Beach St. to Wilder. Turn right on Wilder. Take first right onto Palmetto.   Run north on Palmetto  continuing to Magnolia Ave.  Turn right onto Magnolia, continue on Magnolia, cross over Beach St. and continue over Magnolia Ave. bridge.  The finish line is at the foot of the bridge.

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